A leading Tarot Spells  expert,  multifaceted healer, tarot reader, coach and  guru based in Mumbai, India

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Some people are born clairvoyants. Some meticulously attain it, while some have clairvoyance thrust upon them. For the affable and versatile Sushhila Golani, all the three states hold good in varying degrees !

With over two decades of mastery over a wide range of healing arts and therapies, this grand doyenne embodies a well-balanced mix of innate clairvoyance, life changing mysticism and positive healing powers, which have helped countless souls find the right solutions for scores of challenging life-critical issues and tide over many personal, socio-economic, moral and spiritual problems.

In the end, in keeping with true spirit of her endeavours, they have all successfully emerged tremendously content, relieved, transformed and as ‘Sushhila’ likes to say – happy and solaced with their transformed lives and situations.

Apart from expert consultations in Tarot Spells, Sushhila is an active coach; training aspirants of all age and backgrounds in the healing arts that she has mastered. She is also a regular figure in high profile weddings and other social events, where hundreds of guests make a beeline for her insightful and accurate sessions on tarot card reading, graphology, coffee cup reading and more!  

Her vision and credo for all who consult her for myriad reasons – whether young and old, single or married, struggler or the successful, ambitious or distressed – however, remains one and the same :



Her erudite know how, versatile readings, life positive attitude and warm persona have won Sushhila thousands
of appreciative clients, students and admirers all over the globe!

Hers is a saga of life-long learning, tireless practice, selfless service. All focused on a single mission : to see the world a happy place ! 

Milestones from SUSHHILA's journey...


Qualified as M.A. in Clinical Psychology 

Trained in Reiki

One of the foremost to train under Sandhya Saran, one of India ’s first practitioners to get Reiki training from a Japanese Master

Trained in Graphology

Mastered the science of
handwriting and signature
analysis .

Mastered Tasseology 

The art of predictions through coffee / tea cup readings.

Trained in Feng Shui 

from the experts at the
well known Wind & Water Geomancy Centre, Singapore

Mastered Tarot Card reading

Crystal Ball predictions

Mastered Crystal Ball Gazing
and predictions

Mastered in Tarot Spells

Got trained in Tarot Spells from leading US centre, one of the few healers to learn and introduce the art of spells in Indian sub-continent

What her clients have to say...


As a student of Sacred Sciences, I can say that
she is very expressive & intuitive. A great coach and a wonderful person ! 

Tushar M Shain
Student, Mumbai

She brings a very positive approach to everything. That boosts my morale, confidence and hope for the better.

Lalitkumar Shyaam
Businessman, Mumbai

She is genuine, honest, generous,  compassionate. Thanks to her, I've seen lot of positive changes in my outlook towards life.

Mr. Saifee
Dubai, UAE

True to her readings,
I found & married my life partner within 2 months! My life's completely changed. I owe a lot to her.

Adimari Ruberto
Los Angeles, USA

Tarot Cards

The timeless science  of tarot reading unveils countless answers and guidance for the future.


Crystal Ball

A crystal ball reading is highly reliable. A single session can give you upto 5 years prediction.



Graphology helps redesign your life. With minor changes, you can change the course of your life!


Feng Shui

Simple corrections in your home or office layout can ensure positive energy, peace, abundance & harmony



Numbers - hold the key to many goals like fame, relationships, career issues, financial stability
and so on.



The art of coffee / tea leaf readings is a hit in weddings or social events, but speaks volumes about one's nature and fate.

701, Shangrila-2, Seven Bungalows, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai 400061. INDIA.

Mob: (+91) 9820365727

Ph: (+91) 22 26363661

Please call or email for an appointment.
I usually respond to all enquiries within 48 hours.

Consulting : 10 am - 7 pm, Mon-Fri
Coaching: Weekends